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Sorry, Still under Construction.
Please check back in July, 2018.
T-shirts New Age Designs (Don't MAKE me get my BROOM!)         $20.00

The Major and Minor Arcana A Guide to Symbolism Interpretation in a training manual/workbook format, written by Lady Anne                   $15.00

The Personal Rune Game Kit by The Psychic Caravan                     $3.00

The E.S.P. Party Game Kit by The Psychic Caravan                          $5.00

I-Ching-o Game Kit by The Psychic Caravan

Destiny Darts by The Psychic Caravan

Touch 'n' Glo Pain relief body lotion- for sore muscles                         $5.00

Temple Bless't leather ornamental necklaces                                       $3.00

Hand-made (Huge) RiverRock Rune Stones w/instructions               $25.00

Medicine Bags - Two starter gemstones, ready for client's choice      $5.00

Tarot Card Bags                                                                                  $5.00

Tarot Card Decks by Llewelyn                                                            $25.00

All Prices include postage/delivery charges. Please include your Size for any T-shirt Requests.


Hand crafted, (Huge) River Rock RUNES (sets)
and Leather crafted ornamental Necklaces
by Aaron
The Psychic Caravan's
Master Apprentice


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