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T-shirts New Age Designs (Don't MAKE me get my BROOM!)         $15.00

The Major and Minor Arcana A Guide to Symbolism Interpretation in a training manual/workbook format, written by Lady Anne (color)        $20.00

The Personal Rune Game Kit by The Psychic Caravan                     $3.00

The E.S.P. Party Game Kit by The Psychic Caravan                          $5.00

Touch 'n' Glo Pain relief body lotion- for sore muscles                       $10.00

Temple Bless't leather ornamental necklaces                                       $3.00

Hand-made (Huge) RiverRock Rune Stones w/instructions               $25.00

Medicine Bags - Two starter gemstones, ready for client's choice      $5.00

Tarot Card Bags                                                                                  $5.00

Tarot Card Decks by Llewelyn                                                            $25.00

All Prices include postage/delivery charges. Please include your Size for any T-shirt Requests.

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Print and mail this page to: The Psychic Caravan, P.O. Box 12, Connelly Springs, NC 28612 along with your check or money order. Tax and shipping are included in the prices.

Hand crafted, (Huge) River Rock RUNES (sets)
and Leather crafted ornamental Necklaces
by Aaron
The Psychic Caravan's
Master Craftsman Apprentice


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